Why do I need Financial Planning?


We know planning for the future can be daunting – whatever stage of life you are at.  

The ‘here and now’ pretty much always takes precedence over ‘next year or next decade.’ As we wouldn’t undertake a long car journey without a map, supplies and a safe, serviced vehicle, nor should we navigate our way through life without clear direction and a plan on how to reach our end destination – be it enjoying a comfortable retirement, living mortgage-free or benefiting from the trappings of a second home.

We are here to minimise confusion and provide reassurance and guidance on how to map out a sensible financial path to help you reach your lifestyle destination. To achieve this, we operate the financial planning journey summarised below:

The financial planning journey

We have identified four key stages in the financial planning journey. Each ‘age-led’ stage identifies some of the common questions many people have. We are here to address, manage and resolve your concerns and guide you towards a sensible conclusion.

0-20 /yrs

Educating and education

What are our parental responsibilities when it comes to financial planning? School fee’s - will your children be attending private school or university with substantial fee’s attached? Is your teenager financially aware? How to educate and instil the importance of saving at a young age. Investigating the different savings options – from Child Trust Funds to Junior ISA’s. My children have been left some money in a will – where should I put it? These are just some of the questions we can help you answer.

21-40 /yrs

Spending V’s Saving

Time to start formulating a plan and build security. When and how to switch from rental to purchasing a property. When to consider starting Life Protection and Critical Illness Cover. Emergency slush funds and how much should I be saving? Starting a pension but which one and how much to contribute? Buying the first family home – what is the best mortgage for me? I’ve recently separated – what happens now with my share of savings and property? Planning a wedding? We can help you address these areas and many more.

41-60 /yrs

Enjoying the now whilst preparing for the future

How to maximise your final working years. How to clear your mortgage ahead of retirement. Making sure your pension is working for you and your lifestyle. Income protection and how to negotiate this. Myself or my partner is ill and can’t work, what can I do? What are my draw-down options? I would like to buy a second home – how do I mange my money to achieve this? How to re-build a secure financial life post divorce. Tax options – help! 

60+ /yrs

Time to breathe

Worry free well-being. How and when to draw down on pension savings. How to survive efficiently and comfortably on what I have?  How to maximise ISA’s / investments to see me through this next chapter of my life. Long-term care and estate planning - what does this involve. What are my tax free cash options? How can I achieve optimal well-being in my current financial state. 

We are here to alleviate your financial concerns and provide you with sensible lifestyle solutions.  Simply, transparently and successfully. 

How do we create a financial plan?

We embrace a unique 4 ‘P’ planning pathway to guarantee the optimum outcome for your financial goals

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Alongside annual reviews, all clients are automatically granted access to our personal Century Portal – a unique online system which allows us to exchange information quickly, privately and efficiently and keep abreast of where your finances are in real time. Please click here to find out more.

That aside, we are always at the end of the phone!

Further things of interest

But don't just take our word for it

To many of our clients, financial planning is handling ALL aspects of life in relation to finance.  We develop long term working relationships with our clients.  We talk to you with credibility allowing you to benefit from our broad experience in all financial matters.

Chartered status is the profession’s gold standard for financial planners. Chartered firms must follow a rigid code of ethical practice. This means they must work in a principled manner that places clients’ interests at the heart of the advice they give. For further details please visit our 'About Us' section.