Savings & Investments

We all need savings, whether for the unexpected or for a planned future needs. Your savings and investments will generally fall into 2 main categories; Investing for growth, whether to simply outpace inflation or with a predetermined target in mind and Investing for income.

Examples of targeted investments are:

  • School fees planning
  • Enhance your retirement income
  • Purchase of a holiday home

The main aim at Century Financial Planning is to ensure that by fully understanding your future aims and aspirations, the savings and investments you have in place and choose in the future, achieve your objectives.

It is important to remember YOU are the client, your money is not our client, portfolios are tailored to your needs and can range from a cash management service through to complex financial instruments.

When looking at investing over the medium to long term you should be looking for the growth in your funds to outpace inflation. In order to do this you may need to balance different types of investments. The value of stocks and shares fluctuate and may fall as well as rise, as can the value of other assets such as gilts and bonds.

It is our intention to reduce your exposure to risk by holding a portfolio of non-correlated investments. We do understand however that our clients do have different views and one may consider themselves an adventurous investor, whereas another could be far more cautious.